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O carte de istorie a Bisericii

O excelentă carte de istorie scrisă de Andrew Miller și tradusă în limba română o puteți găsi aici: http://comori.org/articol.php?nr=162&sub=0

Frații Moravieni

Biserica Filadelfia, descrisă în Apocalipsa, este ,,biserica fraților“. Una din ramurile ei istorice a fost biserica fraților moravieni. Iată un scurt istoric, preluat din reviasta ,,Leben“

The Moravians

Written by Editor
As the pleurisy wracked his body, young Charles Wesley was comforted by a group of Christians who ministered to him and read to him from the Bible. During this same period, he and his brother John had been studying under the tutelage of a Moravian minster, Peter Boehler. It was Boehler’s words that rang in his ears as, when he had recovered, Charles took pen in hand and composed what would become one of the church’s most beloved hymns, O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing. Along with the better-known Count Zinzendorf, an ordained Lutheran clergyman, Boehler would eventually head to America, as did the Wesleys. Ironically, none initially intended to start a new denomination, yet out of their labors would grow the Moravian, Wesleyan and Methodist churches. In this issue, we bring you a brief introduction to the Moravians as told by John Weinlick, one of their own…. 

Moravians with King George by Johann Valentin Haidt, c. 1753

 The Bohemian Brethren

The Moravian Church is one of the two Protestant bodies which antedate the Reformation, the other being the Waldensian Church. When Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg in 1517 the Bohemian Brethren had already been organized for sixty years and numbered four hundred churches and two hundred thousand members.

Moravian roots go back to Jan Hus (1373?-1415) whose fearless preaching against the evils of the church during the late (more…)